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Hawkins Consulting Corporation develops specialized financial programs using insurance and other financial products. Hawkins Consulting works with each client to take its financial program from concept to implementation.

Hawkins Consulting also initiates, develops and promotes its own financial programs to address needs that are common to multiple organizations.

These programs are "financial programs" in that they involve two or more financial products used in combination to achieve a particular objective.


Clients that have made use of our program development service include:

  • Insurance Companies

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Speciality Finance Companies


Hawkins Consulting delivers value to its clients through:

Meeting Customer Objectives - Hawkins Consulting draws on its experience to understand each client's unique requirements ensuring that the program is developed to meet the client's objectives.

Structuring - Hawkins Consulting uses its technical and product development skills to design and implement customized products and combine them into innovative financial programs.

Relationships - Hawkins Consulting uses its relationships in various financial sectors to gain access to the building blocks needed for assembling customized solutions.

Product Knowledge - Hawkins Consulting uses its knowledge of products available from various financial sectors to assess competing and substitute products; this knowledge allows us to identify opportunities to enhance value.

The product expertise of Hawkins Consulting is insurance centric but by no means exclusively insurance. In providing its program development service Hawkins Consulting draws on its experience with:

  • life insurance

  • derivatives

  • annuities

  • credit enhancements

  • trusts

  • securitization

  • reinsurance

  • funds management

  • corporate finance

  • health insurance


Hawkins Consulting works with each client to take its financial program from concept to implementation. Services provided by Hawkins Consulting in delivering these results include:

Program and Product Development

  • Analyze client objectives

  • Formulate concepts into requirements

  • Identify products available within various financial sectors and assess their ability to meet client requirements

  • Design customized products within industry constraints

  • Combine the resulting products into a working financial program

Specifications and Analysis

  • Develop specifications for proposed products consisting of design, terms and pricing

  • Prepare financial models of the proposed products

  • Identify, model and quantify both financial and non-financial attributes of the products and of the program as a whole

Negotiating with Product Providers

  • Identify and approach prospective product providers

  • Present product specifications and financial models to prospective product providers

  • Negotiate product design, terms and pricing with prospective product providers


  • Review documentation of products and resolve issues as they arise

  • Oversee documentation of relationship between client and product providers

  • Establish infrastructure and processes for effecting and maintaining the financial program

Ongoing Management

  • Maintain the features of the financial program

  • Refine and expand the product components and the financial program as a whole to keep them current and relevant

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